Workplace Mobbing Australia are experts in dealing with problems arising from Workplace mobbing, Workplace bullying, Psychological injury, Sexual and other forms of discrimination.

While we aim to prevent these problems, our work is around helping
organisations and clients deal with these issues once they arise

What is Workplace Mobbing?

Workplace mobbing is a 'virus' or a 'cancer' that spreads through malicious gossip, rumour, hearsay, and unfounded accusations. Perpetrators are usually part of the dominant group and targets are often isolated and blamed as the one at fault.

These damaging behaviours are often done with deliberate intent to have those targeted ‘eliminated’ or ‘forced out’ of their employment.

Accusations of unsubstantiated ‘bullying’ can even be made against those targeted as the perpetrators realise the benefits of claiming ‘victim’ status.

Those targeted are sometimes change agents, whistle-blowers, and high achievers.

Seek Help

Who we are?

I’m Dr Linda Shallcross, Director of Workplace Mobbing Australia, an organisation that has the twin aims of assisting those who have been bullied or ‘mobbed’ in the workplace and advising employers about policies, practices, and training to prevent bullying. In addition, advice as to fair and objective processes for conducting investigations is also available.

I have a small team of researchers and health professionals who share my drive to eliminate bullying in the workplace. The team can help prevent mobbing and bullying behaviours through professional development workshops that are individually tailored to meet the specific needs of the organisation.

Previously, I was a senior manager of equity programs in universities and public service departments managing complaints of harassment, bullying and discrimination. I started this consultancy several years ago following my research into workplace mobbing that led to the award of a PhD.

My qualifications



Master Social Work (Professional Qualifying):
HHS Southern Cross University - 2017

PHD Workplace mobbing:
Expulsion, exclusion and transformation - 2009



• International Association of Workplace Bullying and Harassment (IAWBH)
• Australian Association of Social Workers(AASW)
• Queensland Council of Social Services (QCOSS)
• Australia New Zealand Academy of Management (ANZAM)


During the past 15 years, I have undertaken consultancies for several organisations including WorkCover NSW, WorkCover Queensland, WorkCover Tasmania, the Tasmanian and Queensland Industrial Relations Commissions, Universities and the Public Sector and provided research and expert opinion for several law firms on behalf of individual clients.


I have been leading author and contributed to several articles, including more to be published in 2019, as follows:

  • Shallcross, Linda, Ramsay, Sheryl, & Barker, Michelle (2013) Severe workplace conflict: the experience of mobbing. Negotiation and Conflict Management Research, 6(3), pp. 191-213. This paper received the “Best Article of 2013 Award”.
  • Shallcross, Linda, Ramsay, Sheryl, & Barker, Michelle (2012) Qualitative inquiry as transformation and agency: The black sheep and workplace mobbing. In Discourse, power, and resistance down under. Sense Publishers, The Netherlands, pp. 121-133.
  • Shallcross, L., Ramsay, S., & Barker, M., (2011) The power of malicious gossip, Australian Journal of Communication, 38 (1) pp 45-68.
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  • Shallcross, L., Ramsay, S., & Barker, M., (2008) Workplace Mobbing: Expulsion, Exclusion, and Transformation, Australia and New Zealand Academy of Management Conference, New Zealand. (ANZAM)

What we do?

When I receive a request for an expert report, I am usually given a trove of documents that I use to give a forensic analysis of the key issues.

This process involves deconstructing and reconstructing the available evidence and establishing the history of the case. My report references the key facts and evidentiary documents with relevant legislation and organisational policies.

Finding justice and peace of mind

Over the years since I first started researching workplace mobbing, I have been contacted by hundreds of people who have experienced this insidious treatment and who thought they were alone in their suffering and their fight for justice. The good news is that they are not alone and that there are ways to increase the chances of achieving justice and, eventually, peace of mind.

Backing your courage

I know that taking action requires courage. Having taken the first step, as well as perhaps getting help from medical professionals, you need expert support from someone who understands the issues. That’s my role, and I will work with you and your legal representatives to identify areas of any improper practice in relation to relevant legal and policy frameworks.

In general, the process begins when I am contacted by lawyers on behalf of their clients preferably through Expert Consultancy at

Need someone to talk to?

To assist those who need someone to talk to, an after-hours counselling and advisory service is available by contacting who will get back to you within 24 hours. This is provided at minimum cost.


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